$20 For Professional Mixes (10$ For First Time Customers) 

$120 For Premium Mixes ($60 for first time customers)  (2 verse + hook/Chrous) + $55 for each additional verse 

Any project that you send to be mixed that has more than 2 files will be charged 5$ per file starting on the 3rd file. (Reference File Doesn't Count)

10% off For 10 or more mixes.

These are general prices and may vary from song to song and whatever requests you may have.

Anytime you purchase a mix, you are entitled to 2 revisions of your song to achieve what you desire.

Contact directly through Instagram by CLICKING HERE or through phone 732-306-4004

Audio Engineer Service Payment

Send all files to Give any description of your vision and aim, and also a reference track. You will receive a reply email with a quote of how much the project will cost to mix and master. Once You receive the quote, pay here.

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